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Solido Applications & Concepts

Solido 500 Series Solido Level Controls
Paddle Level Limit Switches 
Applications & Principals of Operation

The Solido 500 is an electromechanical level limit sensor and is used for level monitoring of bulk materials. It can be used as a full, demand or empty detector.

Typical applications for bulk materials with a density from starting greater than 6 pounds/cubic foot are, for example:
  • Plastic powders and granulars
  • Building materials
  • Foodstuffs
  • Wooden pellets
  • and many others ...

The Solido is mounted on the container (top or side) at the required measuring height.

Typical Mounting of Solido 500 Series Level Switches

The Solido 500 provides a budget-priced solution for reliable level limit measurement and offers the following features:
  • ATEX and FM approvals for use in dust explosion areas
  • High performance
  • Robustness
  • Wide range of applications
Principles of Operation
The rotating measuring vane is driven by a brushless synchronous motor. Once the material level reaches the vane it arrest the vane rotation. This is registered by a micro switch which emits a signal and stops the motor. Once the material level begins to fall and the vane is free of material the vane will rotate again.