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Solido Level Technical Data

Solido 500 Series Solido Level Controls
Paddle Level Limit Switches 
Technical Data

Mechanical data:
Degree of protection IP 66 (EN 60529), NEMA 4, Type 4
Bearing High grade slide bearing with teflon coating
Sealing Radial shaft sealing NBR (butadien-acrylnitrile rubber)
Friction clutch Protects the gear against mechanical blows to the vane
Rotation speed of vane 1/min
Signal delay Probe free -> covered ca. 1.3 sec
Probe covered -> free ca. 0.2 sec
Weight approx. 2.6 pounds (1.2kg)

Electrical data:
Power supply AC version:
24V, 48V, 115V or 230V 50/60Hz
all voltages +/-15% (including 10% from EN 61010)
max. 4VA
DC Version:
24V DC +/-15% (including 10% from EN 61010)
max. 2.5W
Signal output Micro switch SPDT
max. 250V AC, 5A, non inductive
max. 30V DC, 3A, non inductive
Permitted fuses max. 5A
Protection class I
Installation category III
Pollution degree 2
Isolation Power supply to signal output : 2225 Vrms

Operating conditions:
Ambient temp. housing -20C (-4F) ..+ 60C (140F)
Process temperature -25C (-13F) ..+ 80C (176F)
Max. process pressure 0.8 bar (11.6psi)
Min. powder densitiy > 6 pounds/ cubic foot (> 100 g/l)
Bulk material properties Grain size <2" (50mm)
Permitted mechanical load max. 300N (at L = 150mm (5.9“)) at the end of the shaft
max. 100N (at L = 365mm (14.4“)) at the end of the shaft

Ex-relevant data:
Approvals ATEX II 1/2D and FM DIP Cl. II, III Div.1 Gr. E, F, G
Zone classification for ATEX see figure below
Max. surface temp.
Ambient temperature Surface-
Zone 21 Zone 20
+ 40C (104F)
+ 50C (122F)
+ 60C (140F)
80C (176F)
80C (176F)
80C (176F)
85C (185F)
95C (203F)
105C (221F)