Bulk Filling Equipment

Erie Technical Systems Inc. manufacturers equipment to fill a variety of bulk containers. Our equipment is designed to fill bulk bags (FIBC's), bulk boxes, bulk totes, and bulk drums safely and accurately. We offer a full range of bulk filling equipment from our low-cost bulk bag filling frames up to fully automated SysteMAX bulk filling systems designed for the highest throughput production environments. Our DustMAX™bulk bag holding frame is a low-cost solution for supporting bulk bags during filling. The ValuMAX®bulk bag fillers are a versatile mid-range bulk bag filler for higher throughput manual or automatic filling operations. Our most robust bulk filling systems are our DensiMAX™ bulk fillers designed to fill the largest and heaviest containers for our industrial customers.  

To achieve the highest throughput in our bulk filling systems we combine our DensiMAX™ fillers with conveyors and our PalletMAX™ pallet dispensers into one or multiple SysteMAX bulk filling lines.  Contact us today to discuss your bulk filling equipment needs (determined by answering 3 key bulk bag filling questions). Erie Technical Systems also manufactures equipment for the transfer of bulk materials and for the unloading of all bulk materials

Automated Pallet Stacker
These units can stack and hold up to 15-20 units.
DustMAX™ Bulk Bag Filler
Used for low packaging rates where bag change is infrequent.
DensiMAX™ Bulk Filler Machine
Semi-automated Bulk Filling Station that features PLC control.
SysteMAX™ Integrated Bulk Filling Systems
SysteMAX™ filling systems are custom engineered complete packaging lines.
PalletMAX™ Pallet Dispenser
Industrial unit designed for long-term maintenance-free operation.
Automatic Pallet Slip Sheet Dispenser
Slip-sheet dispensers for use as stand-alone units or in complete packages.
ValuMAX® Bulk Bag Filler
Low cost and simple bulk bag filler. A step up from DUSTmax™.
Vibratory Densification Packers
Package 20%-50% more bulk material products in each container