Bulk Material Handling Systems Manufacturer

Like many great companies, Erie Technical Systems Inc. began in a small garage by a young, ambitious engineer and entrepreneur who was ready to chart his own path. Rick Sienerth, founder and CEO, came from a job as a product manager at a major dry solids handling company where he obtained multiple patents for FIBC filling machines and processes. Seeing an opportunity to provide companies with solutions, he began to develop bulk filling equipment with his then start-up company in 2001. Rick aimed to create jobs in his hometown of Erie, PA while developing new and innovative equipment.

In 2005, Rick partnered with Tim Porco, a chemical engineer from Case Western Reserve, who was employed at one of the largest companies in the world. Tim's process knowledge was instrumental in expanding the company's product lines. His expertise in automation and controls has allowed Erie Technical Systems to become a world leader in materials handling equipment and systems.



Why choose Erie Technical Systems?

Since 2003, customers have chosen Erie Technical Systems for three primary reasons — personalization, professionalism, and precision. On these three pillars, we have built a business that has stood the test of time through recessions and economic ups and downs. Now blessed with an expansive 50,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, we are well-positioned to handle your dry bulk handling needs now and in the future.


Not all industries are the same; nor are all companies within those industries. Erie Technical Systems has worked with clients both large and small across a wide array of verticals — including chemicals, food, mining, raw materials, and plastics — to design custom bulk material handling solutions tailored to their unique applications.


Despite repeated challenges to the manufacturing economy as a whole, our company has been able to resiliently and steadily grow. Innovation is a byproduct of both education and experience, and we maintain a genuine interest in understanding our customers and developing technologies within our industry.


Details matter. At Erie Technical Systems, accountability is everything. It starts with our initial sales consultation and ongoing communications with you, continues with managerial oversight and carefully controlled internal processes, and is delivered upon with a dry bulk handling system that operates efficiently and dependably.

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