SysteMAX™ Integrated Bulk Filling Systems

Fully Automated Complete Bulk Filling Production Lines

SysteMAX™ bulk filling systems are custom engineered complete packaging lines. The DensiMAX™ vibratory bulk filling station is used as the heart of the system with supporting equipment added for upstream and downstream for a completely automated process. The additional equipment typically includes a pallet dispenser, a slip-sheet dispenser, powered roller or chain conveyors, a bag sealer, a check-weigh station, and discharge accumulation areas.

The SysteMAX™ bulk filling lines are optimized for the highest throughput possible with minimal operator involvement.

SysteMAX™ Integrated Bulk Filling System's Features:

  • Increased throughput and decreased filling times through automation and simultaneous fill/weigh/vibrate operations
  • Completely integrated control system for the entire filling line with operator touch screen interface
  • Powered connecting conveyors can be roller, belt, or chain-driven
  • Easily integrate process conveyors like drag, pneumatic, disc, screw, vacuum, or vibratory 
  • Allen-Bradley Ethernet I/O simplifies installation and greatly reduces the cost
  • Custom designed operator walkways and work platforms
  • ETSI can integrate any piece of equipment into the system scope
  • Additional options include label printing devices, bar code scanning, product storage hoppers, flow control valves, stretch wrappers, and anything else needed to complete the project

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Product Options

Roller Conveyor Systems Option

The SysteMAX bulk filling lines typically inclu...

The SysteMAX™ bulk filling lines typically include conveyor systems to move empty pallets into position and carry away the full containers once filled.

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Pallet Dispenser Option

The PalletMAX pallet dispenser from Erie Techni...

The PalletMAX™ pallet dispenser from Erie Technical Systems normally is included our SysteMAX™ bulk filling lines.  The pallets are automatically dispensed one at a time and fed into the fill station on conveyors. 

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Slip Sheet Dispenser Option

Contact us to learn more about the Slip Sgeet D...

Contact us to learn more about the Slip Sgeet Dispense Option for the SysteMAX™ bulk filling system.

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Check Weigh Station Option

A check weigh station can be placed at the outl...

A check weigh station can be placed at the outlet of the fill station. It is used to verify and double check the gross weight reported at the fill station.

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Bag Sealer Option

A sealer is commonly supplied in our SysteMAX b...

A sealer is commonly supplied in our SysteMAX™ bulk filling systems where an air-tight seal is required for the product. Our electric impulse heat sealer is designed for sealing large bulk bag liners, foil spouts, and some bulk bag fill spouts. Our SealMAX™ sealer has adjustable seal times to accommodate changes in packages being sealed.

The unit has an integral and automatic vacuum wand to remove air from the bag. There are separate pneumatic clamps to support the bag to be sealed. This ensures the operator is safely clear of the heater bar prior to the sealing operation.  

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Work Platform Option

Erie Technical Systems manufactures custom work...

Erie Technical Systems manufactures custom work platforms specifically designed to work with our SysteMAX™ bulk bag filling equipment. These work platforms place the operator at a comfortable level to work on the bag filler. Additionally, our work platforms can be provided with convenient staging areas for bulk bags, bulk boxes, box lids, labels and other materials needed while running a bulk filling line. 

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