Erie Technical Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment to unload a variety of bulk materials from fine powders to large particles typically in 1-ton and 2-ton containers. Our UltiMAX™ bulk bag unloaders are used to safely discharge materials shipped in bulk bags (FIBC's). Our bulk container dumpers are used to discharge bulk materials from rigid containers such as bulk boxes, bulk bins, bulk totes, or drums. For bulk materials shipped in smaller 50 to 100# bags, we offer bag break stations with dust collection. Our bulk bag conditioners are designed to break up materials that absorb moisture or compact during storage.  

In addition to equipment for unloading bulk materials, Erie Technical Systems also manufactures equipment for the transfer of bulk materials and for filling all bulk material containers. Contact us today to discuss your bulk unloading equipment needs.

UltiMAX™ Bulk Bag Unloader
Designed to manually or automatically unload bulk bags.
Bag Break Station
Minimizes airborne particles and prevents exposure to harsh powders.
Bulk Container Dumper
Hydraulically lift and dump bulk container from floor to a specified height
Bulk Bag Conditioner
Erie Technical Systems manufactures bulk bag conditioners that allow for discharging of materials that have been set up in bulk bags.