Case study on UlitMAX Bulk Bag Unloader

June 30th, 2020

Late last year a leader in the refractory welding industry approached Erie Technical Systems Inc. for a solution to an ongoing production issue. The company wanted to load bulk bags with a very specific mix of two different refractory materials. They felt they were not getting the required accuracy by continuing with a manual process and wanted to automate it for repeatability and accuracy.

Our engineers at Erie Technical Systems Inc. went to work and came up with a system that was both economical and highly accurate. Two UltiMAX™ bulk bag unloaders were placed side-by-side with a forklift load frame for each product.  Once the bag was untied, the product discharged into a vibratory tube feeder powered by Erie Technical Systems Inc. rotary electric vibrators. Each product was fed into a ValuMAX® bulk bag filler with weighing capability. Once the bag reached a weight close to the target weight, the controller slows the feeder and then filled to target weight. 

The system provided a more accurate mix and eliminated the human error of the manual process. Contact Erie Technical Systems Inc. today for a solution to your production issues.

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