Custom Drum Filling/Packaging System

May 27th, 2021

Erie Technical Systems was recently approached by a powdered metals manufacturer to supply a solution to their existing labor-intensive process. Our engineers went to work designing a unit to automate the process of filling multiple sized drums to a specified target weight. The system consisted of a tote support frame, a supporting structure for a screener and feeder, staging conveyor, drum fill station with scale and an accumulation conveyor. A drum was indexed from the staging conveyor into the fill zone to begin the process. Material was then dispensed from the tote into the vibratory feeder to be evenly distributed into the screener. The screener dispensed the good product into the pneumatically actuated drumhead which lowered and sealed to the top of the drum. When the target rate was reached, the fill head lifted and the container was indexed to the accumulation conveyor for forklift removal.

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