Custom Hopper with dual FlexMAX flexible screw conveyors

May 16th, 2017

Operators can stage bulk bags on either side of the bulk bag unloader and use the two hoists to lift the bulk bag into place.  The material is unloaded into a custom hopper with rotary electric vibrator and an auger agitator to promote flow out of the hopper.  The twin FlexMAX flexible screw conveyors then transfer the material from the hopper into the next room and discharge into a bottling line.  Each flexible screw conveyor is 6" in diameter with a flat wire auger and 10 HP gear motors.  These conveyors transfer up to 450 cubic feet/hour at a 45 degree angle and discharge at a height of 16 feet.  See the additional photos attached for a 3D model of the complete package as well as a photo of the dual bulk bag unloader after installation.  

Erie Technical Systems Inc. Erie, PA USA Phone: 814-899-2103



Hopper with twin discharge flexible screw conveyorsTwin Bag Bulk Bag Unloader with custom hopperBulk bag discharger with two hoists 3D model

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