Densification and the Bulk Filling Machine

February 26th, 2014

The bulk filling machine is used for many products. However, in many of those applications the product being filled benefits greatly from densification or vibration. This process fills the container completely and creates a solid stable package for shipping and storage. While not slowing the fill process because our systems fill, weigh and vibrate simultaneously. Many people offer vibration or settling on their filling machines, however, our vibration is by far the most effective in creating a solid package. By the use of medium stroke and frequency vibration we can effectively densify - not simply settle a product.

Many vibration tables integrated into the filling process simply flatten the filling cone of product which is made due to the angle of repose of the product. Our densification decks create G forces of 2.5 times or greater to not only settle, but to truly densify the product. We use dual rotary vibrators, because when operated in pairs and counter rotation of the weights all of the forces generated by the vibrators are offset except for the positive and negative vertical components. This vertical component is what actually does the densification. In a system with one vibrator you only generate a rotational force which is not conducive to densification, because it doesn’t generate a true vertical component and no appreciable G forces.

Imagine a truck traveling across the country with your bagged material on it. Each time the truck hits a bump it imparts a vertical force on the product and creates some level of G force. So when the material reaches its destination it has effectively been densified and you can see there is more room in your container for more material. Our form of intense vibration will have the same net effect on the product during the filling process. We also impart those forces at specific times during the filling of the container and typically our vibration times are less than 10 seconds. So imagine the result of having a container that allows you to take advantage of the space available in the container prior to shipping it instead of seeing the wasted space available at its final destination. Another critical factor in the densification process is the ability to stop the vibrators very quickly during the fill cycle.

If you don’t stop the vibrators very quickly two things can happen:

  1. The vibratory deck will pass through “natural frequency” which is a point during the cycle when the vibration stroke goes to mathematical infinity and the machine instantaneously shakes violently out of control for a short period of time, at which point you can damage the filling station or the container on it.

  2. You can re-airate the product thus taking away from the densification you just accomplished on the product.

To address this we have developed the InstaBRAKING circuit, which will stop the vibrators in less than 3 seconds and eliminates the effects of natural frequency.

All products do not react the same to vibration so we will test your product in our test lab to determine the optimum frequency, stroke, and G forces necessary to effectively package your product. Please contact our experts to discuss your specific application to arrange a product test.  

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