Densification The Key to a good FIBC

September 26th, 2014

Erie Technical Systems recently completed manufacturing a FIBC filling system for a company that manufactures large plastic pellets and flakes.  This particular customer came to us with a problem packaging enough material into the bulk bag they are currently using.  This customer had another manufacturers FIBC filling station with vibration and it could not perform all of the tasks needed. We took the project and supplied a system which successfully filled, weighed, and densified their product simultaneously and succeeded where the other station could not.  The product we were tasked with packaging had a loose bulk density of 34 lb./Ft3.  The bulk bag had a volume of 34 Ft3 which would result in the maximum capacity of 1156 Pounds of product and would require a means to knock down the cone created when the product fell into the FIBC.  The customer wanted to fit 1650 lb. into the FIBC with no operator intervention, so we supplied a station which used our standard vibratory densification system and recipe control. We were able to exceed the customers’ requirements by packing the 1650 lb. into the bag with plenty of room to add additional material if need be. In order for the FIBC to get to the desired weight our densification system increased the packed density of the product from 34 lb. /Ft3 to 48 lb./Ft3 which is a 42% increase. Thanks to our new test lab, knowledge, and past experience we have another satisfied customer who installed an Erie Technical Systems FIBC filling system.  Please call us at 814-899-2103, or email us at, so we can discuss your specific project.   

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