ETSI Bag Break Station

February 17th, 2016

The ETSI Dust Free Bag Break Station features a self-contained filtration system so you don’t have to run duct work from your plant's dust collection system.  The dust collection system has a reverse pulse feature that will pulse a large quantity of air into the outlet of the filter, knocking excess dust from the filter, maintaining the air flow and minimizing filter changes and maintenance. 

Standard options include:

  • Slitting Shelf

  • Safety Grate

  • Safety Switch on Door

  • Bag count and reset

  • Bag disposal system

  • Ethernet communication


The bag break station has several other options available such as a lump breaker, a rotary valve to feed material into a pneumatic conveying system, and a flexible screw conveyor.

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ETSI Dust Free Bag Break Station

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