Erie Technical Systems Has a Full Test Lab

April 21st, 2014

Erie Technical Systems, Inc is proud to announce further expansion of our in-house testing capabilities for bulk materials.  The ETSI test lab is designed to allow our customers to optimize their process and be confident in the performance of the equipment before purchase. 

The test lab can now demonstrate how any bulk material behaves in our Bulk Bag Unloader, our Screw Conveyor and also in a vibratory densification deck from one of our DensiMAX® fill stations.    We are happy to provide this service at no charge.  Here are just a few of the advantages of testing your material in our lab:


Bulk Bag Unloader– See how freely your bulk material flows out of a suspended bulk bag.  Determine if the flexor paddles are required for your material.  See how the V-form shut off valve allows for tie-off and removal of a partially unloaded bulk bag.


Screw Conveyor – See how your material flows out of our collection hopper and view the material in transit through our clear screw conveyor housing.  Find the optimal speed for your particular material to conveyor to deliver the most material with no damage to the product.  See how your product behaves with different style screws. 


Vibratory Deck – See why our low-frequency and high amplitude vibration packs more bulk material into each container.  We can demonstrate in a few seconds the efficiency and effectiveness of our vibration.  We routinely put 30% more material in each container.  See empirically what an impact this would have on your shipping, storage and packaging costs. 


The ETSI Test Lab will help you make confident and informed decisions.  Call today to set up a demonstration and send your sample product for testing.  We can record the testing or you are welcome to witness it first hand in Erie, PA. 

Erie Technical Systems, Inc. Erie, PA 814-899-2103

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