Erie Technical Systems, Inc. Introduces the ValuMAX Bulk FIBC Filling Machine

March 4th, 2014

The latest product offered by Erie Technical Systems is the ValuMAX bulk bag filling station. This is a simple but very sturdy machine designed as a low cost machine to meet low production rate or occasional filling of bulk bag or FIBC's. It is also a fully portable machine that can be moved to different locations in the plant with a fork lift.

Along with the portability, it can also be adjusted to fill various sized bulk bags in the same machine. It is constructed using thick wall structural tubing and is built with the plant atmosphere in mind. It comes with fill spout with annular opening to allow for connection to dust collection, Base Frame built for mobility, available scale and product valve which can be used to automate the fill sequence if desired. The ValuMAX Bulk Bag Filling Station also has available pneumatic release bag hanging hooks. 

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