Erie Technical Systems Mechanical Conveying solutions

June 8th, 2021

For many years Erie Technical Systems has been providing mechanical conveying solutions to a variety of industries to transport powder, pellets and other granular material at rates up to 100 tons per hour.  We were recently approached by a large producer of organic products to find a solution to package potting soil blends and other gardening media. The system consisted of a feed hopper, belt conveyor, diverter valve, ductwork, two bulk bag fillers with a common control system. Product is introduced to the live bottom feed hopper via front end loader. The feed hopper conveys the product evenly at ground level onto our 30" wide x 47 foot long belt conveyor which is rated for 20 tons per hour. The product is then conveyed up 16 feet in the air to the diverter valve where it is distributed to the fill stations. The bag at the first fill station is filled to a target weight while the second station is being prepared. Each bag will be fast filled to a user selectable fast feed weight and then slowly filled to the user selectable target weight.  Call Erie Technical Systems today to help resolve your challenging conveying issues.

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