August 25th, 2020

Erie Technical Systems recently produced this 6” FlexMAX® flexible screw conveyor for moving tea.  It is a portable unit with a 17-foot discharge height.  It will be used to dispense tea out of bulk bags and into large mixing tanks.  The FlexMAX® flexible screw conveyor hopper and discharge head were provided in 304SS and passivated for this food grade application.  The 6” conveyor is able to deliver up to 17,500 pounds/hr. of tea (approx. 100 CFH).  A premier series variable speed controller was supplied and mounted to the cart for ease of operation.   Contact Erie Technical Systems today for information on our full line of FlexMAX® flexible screw conveyors. 


info@bulkfilling.com P: 814-899-2103 www.bulkfilling.com

Large Portable Flexible Screw Conveyor

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