How much does a bulk bag filler cost?

April 28th, 2017

Simple Bulk Bag Filler Frames – 1-3 bags per day from $3,300 USD

The starting point for most small production applications is usually as simple bulk bag filling frame.  This is usually to replace the use of a forklift to support the bag during filling.  It frees up the forklift for other operations during filling.  These units are generally of simple round or tubular steel with a four-post construction.  A fixed version of this would start at $3,300 but will increase with the addition of a weigh scale and fill head assembly. The low cost of this type of an approach is appealing but there are a few disadvantages.  The 4-post construction can make hanging and removing the bulk bag difficult so they are not recommended for high throughput.  Once welded together, the transport cost of the units can be high relative to the cost of the frame itself, so the use of a local fabricator normally makes the most sense. 


Adjustable Bulk Bag Fillers – 2-6 bags per hour from $8,300 USD

The next category of bulk bag fillers is an adjustable bulk bag filler.  These units are adjustable for different bulk bag widths and heights so that multiple size bulk bags can be filled on the same machine.  They move away from the basic 4-post design to a cantilevered 2-post design.  The main advantage of this design is that the operator can hang and remove the bulk bag more efficiently. The adjustable bulk bag fillers use larger structural steel to handle the added loads of the cantilevered design.  The cost of these style of bulk bag fillers starts at $8,300 and increases with added options to as high as $28,000.  


Automated Bulk Bag Fillers – 4-15 bags/hour from $ 38,000 USD

Automated bulk bag fillers increase throughput but filling automatically to target weight using either a smart weight indicator or PLC control.   They can further reduce cycle time by automatically releasing the bag through the use of pneumatic hooks.  Vibration of the product during filling packs the most material in each bulk bag.  An automated bulk bag filler is generally in the range from $38,000 to $75,000 depending on the options.   

Enterprise Level Bulk Bag Fillers 20 bags/hour+ from $100,000

The enterprise level bulk bag fillers are designed from the ground up to maximize throughput.  Automation of the bag setup and removal is critical.   This is accomplished by bringing in pallets automatically into the fill area, automating the bag hanging and filling, then removing the filled bag and skid automatically.   The enterprise level bulk bag fillers tend to be conveyor based with larger more powerful PLC’s for integration with a plant-wide DCS system.  The price of the enterprise level systems can vary widely based on options but they start at around $100,000 and can go as high as $250,000.

 Tim Porco - Erie Technical Systems Inc. - 

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