Vibratory Distribution Conveyor

October 5th, 2016

This unique vibratory feeder and conveyor system was designed to distribute material evenly into eight different containers.  The system consists of a vibratory feeder and a vibratory conveyor with multiple lanes.

The process begins by the addition of material to the vibratory feeder.  The feeder spreads the material evenly into the vibratory conveyor’s eight lanes.  Material is then conveyed down each lane and into a box or drum located under each of the eight outlet chutes. 

The control system monitors platform scales under each container and displays the weight of each container as well as a total weight for all the containers. The system can be easily integrated into the facility’s data acquisition system and a label printer is available as well. 


Erie Technical Systems specializes in custom designed brute force vibratory conveyors featuring Renold Ajax shaker drives.  These heavy duty conveyor systems can move virtually any bulk material at rates up to 100 tons per hour. 

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