What are Top 10 questions asked when buying a ValuMAX™ bulk bag filler.

May 11th, 2017

How do I feed material into the bulk bag filler? 

There are a variety of ways to get material into a bulk bag filler.  The most common way is to feed the material out of a hopper through a control valve located above the filler.  Other methods are to elevate the product with a flexible screw conveyor, belt conveyor or bucket elevator. 


How does the ValuMAX™ bulk bag filler support a bulk bag?

The base unit supports the bulk bag on two arms for filling.  The bulk bag corner loops are slid over these arms.


How does the ValuMAX™ bulk bag filler fill head work?

The fill head is a tube within a tube.  The outer tube includes a pneumatically inflated bladder that forms a dust tight seal on the bulk bag neck.  The inner tube provides a stainless steel product flow path.  There is a dust collection port to allow the air in the bag to escape during filling.  


Is the ValuMAX™ bulk bag filler adjustable for different size bags?

Yes.  The filler allows for height adjustment for bags from 40" to 72" (1,016 mm to 1,829 mm).  It is also adjustable for different bag widths up to 44" x 44" (1,120 mm x 1,120 mm) by loosening the bag arms and moving them in or out. 


Can I move the ValuMAX™ bulk bag filler around? 

Yes.  The bulk bag filler base is designed with fork channels to allow moving the bulk bag filler around with a forklift or even a pallet jack. 


Can I add weight indication to the ValuMAX™ bulk bag filler?

Yes. A weight indicator and load cell kit can be added to the filler. The kit is designed with a 2,205# maximum (1,000 kg) bag as a standard but higher weights are possible.


If I add the weigh scale option, is the unit still portable?

Yes. The load cells bolt directly to the bottom of the portable base.  It is easiest to move the unit with a forklift with the weigh scale option installed. 


Can the ValuMAX™ bulk bag filler be set up to fill automatically to a target weight?

Yes.  A smart weight indicator with digital outputs can be used to fill to a specific target weight and control the feed system. 


Can I buy just the bulk bag filler fill head?

Yes.  Many of our customers choose to build a simple frame themselves and purchase just the ValuMAX™ bulk bag fill head. 


How does the ValuMAX™ bulk bag filler ship?

The bulk bag filler can be shipped completely assembled but most units ship with the upright frame removed from the base frame which reduces the overall height and allows the unit to be shipped on a simple skid approximately 5' x 10' x 24" tall (152 x 304 x 61 cm tall) with an approximate weight of 1,200 lbs. (2,640 kg).


Tim Porco – Erie Technical Systems Inc. – timp@erietechnicalsystems.com

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