What do we mean by Bulk Filling anyway?

April 26th, 2017

When we use the term “bulk filling”, we are generally talking about filling a bag, box, tote or drum that holds from 500# to 6,000# (226 kg to 2,721 kg) of solid material.  These materials can be in a powder, flake or granular form.  The most common of these for our bulk filling, bulk transfer and bulk unloading applications is a bulk bag. 


Bulk bags go by a variety of names – bulk sack, big bag, bulk bag, FIBC, etc…  but all of these refer to the same style of bulk container. Bulk bags are extremely strong, durable woven fabric bags that are used to safely package, store and transport bulk material.  They have varied construction but the most common designs have four bag hanging loops to support the located at the corners and inlet and outlet spouts at the top and bottom.  They are low cost, flexible, light and in most applications reusable.  For all these reasons, bulk bags have grown in use since they first appeared in the late 1950’s. 


So, if you have large amounts of solid material that you need to move from one from one place to another – that is what we do.  We make equipment to fill, weigh, transfer and unload bulk bags and other containers of this size.  

Tim Porco - Erie Technical Systems Inc. - timp@erietechnicalsystems.com 

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