What is an Ajax Shaker?

December 5th, 2018

The Ajax Shaker is a totally enclosed linear vibration generator. The actual moving parts of the drive are enclosed in a housing with two gears which create a counter rotating of the weights housed inside using an oil bath for lubrication.  The actual operation uses weights with an offset center of gravity to create an eccentricity or ER value which generates a force which increases or decreases with the speed of rotation. As the speed increases so does the force output. The weights are geared such that they counter rotate offsetting all forces in the operational arc except for the liner forces which occur when the weights are exactly 180 degrees offset from one another and perpendicular to the foot mounting pad. This is a finite value so we offer Ajax Shaker sizes with force outputs from 114 lbs. to 11,229 lbs. The unit is driven by a motor (either electric or hydraulic), pulley, and belt system. The Ajax Shaker is used in equipment like Vibratory Conveyors for Bulk Material, Vibratory Feeders for Bulk Material, Vibratory Densification Packers or we sell the Ajax Shaker Drive as standalone units for the OEM or do it yourselfer.

For help in applying this technology to your application please call one of our experts here at Erie Technical Systems at 814-899-2103 or email us at info@bulkfilling.com. 

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