What Type of Scale System to Use with Bulk Filling System

January 7th, 2014

The scale is the most important piece of the bulk filling system when it is used. The scale is used to trigger all of the functions necessary in the automation of the filling system. There are two types of scale systems used by Erie Technical Systems, Inc., the platform scale and the 4 load cell type. They both accomplish the same task and repeatability, but there are reasons to choose one over the other.

The platform scale is the less expensive of the two options. It has a sturdy base and will perform fine in the system, but its main drawback is access to cleaning the scale and the surrounding area. Since the platform unit is built with a base and top and there is little clearance between the two, material has a tendency to build up in the gaps causing a less than sanitary situation and ultimately if the product is allowed to build up too long it can begin to cause weight inaccuracies.

In the design of the four load cell system we use a heavy-duty leveling base and intermediate base to tie the load cells to the floor and the machine. With the use of these two platforms you have much better access to perform clean-up operations. Also, the material typically wouldn't build up to the point of affecting the weight.

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