Who Is Erie Technical Systems?

March 21st, 2014

Erie Technical Systems, Inc. was founded in 2002 in Erie, PA by Rick Sienerth - who was born in Erie, is a military veteran of the US Army, and graduate of Penn State University. Rick has been involved in the bulk packaging industry since 1992 when he co-developed the first cantilever frame bulk bag filling station - which also included an optimum bulk bag filling process. Both of these developments were patented in 1995.

In 2004, Erie Technical Systems added co-owner Tim Porco - who is a Case Western Reserve graduate and originally hails from Pittsburgh PA. Tim brought with him a great knowledge in sales and controls engineering along with a passion to succeed.  

Originally set up as an organization representing several material handling and packaging companies, it quickly became obvious to Rick and Tim they needed to become a manufacturing company in order to survive in the new economy. In 2004, Erie Technical Systems, Inc. expanded into manufacturing. ETSI now has a fully equipped fabrication shop with a dedicated controls design and build shop.

Our equipment is built to last with a motto of "Steel is Cheap" so you can be assured that the equipment we build will last, and "Customer Satisfaction is Paramount to Our Success".

At Erie Technical Systems, Inc. we dedicated our time and resources to optimizing the current product line offerings during the economic downturn. Products that were optimized include the EconoMAX, DensiMAX, DustMAX, and ValuMAX lines of bulk container filling machines along with the PalletMAX pallet dispenser, SlipMAX slip sheet dispenser, and UltiMAX bulk bag unloading system.

ETSI also designs custom machines based on customer need. With our controls capabilities we integrate these pieces of equipment with pallet handling conveyors and other customer equipment to create a fully integrated system.  Our company's philosophy is, "We Build Standard Equipment for Custom Applications" and do this at a great price and value with high-quality.       

We ask you to please peruse our website and contact us with your application. We look forward to working with and having another satisfied customer.

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