Z-Belt Conveyor for Hemp Production

October 11th, 2019

Erie Technical Systems Inc. designed and manufactured this Z-Belt conveyor for use in the harvesting of hemp.  The conveyor receives ground hemp from a live bottom wagon outside and transfers it into the processing building and up to a grinder.  The Z-belt conveyor is 30” wide, has a 3’ inlet and a 12’ discharge.  The conveyor transfers material 30 feet into the building at a 20-degree angle.  This Z-Belt conveyor, along with other FlexMAX™ flexible screw conveyors are used in this brand-new facility to move harvested hemp from one process to the next. Contact Erie Technical Systems for more information on our belt and screw conveyor designs. 

Erie Technical Systems Inc.

4690 Iroquois Avenue

Erie, PA 16511 U.S.A.



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