FlexMAX® Flexible Screw Conveyor

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The FlexMAX® family of flexible screw conveyors manufactured by Erie Technical Systems Inc. provides a rugged and reliable way to feed a variety of bulk materials. Our flexible screw conveyors come standard with an inlet hopper, screw casing, helical screw, discharge head, and a motor with a gear reducer. The bulk material is transferred up or along the casing by the rotating flexible screw. Our flexible screw conveyors are commonly used with our UltiMAXTM bulk bag unloaders, bag break stations, or large storage hoppers.



  • Hoppers feature true 60o feed hopper sides and FASTFLO rounded corners eliminating product hold up
  • Low-cost and versatile
  • Add-on options for a custom machine
  • A flexible tube that allows routing around fixed objects
  • Dust-tight, completely enclosed
  • Low maintenance with only one moving part
  • Simple disassembly for easy cleaning
  • 3", 4", 5" and 6" nominal sizes for a wide range of flow rates
  • Feed at rates up to 450 cubic feet/hour in conveyor lengths up to 40 feet
  • Product contact surfaces are 304SS and UHMWPE

Call the experts at Erie Technical Systems today to discuss your application at 814-899-2103 or click below to complete our quick contact and we will be in touch shortly. Also available for download is our Flexible Screw Conveyor Application Data Sheet (linked below under Resources) which outlines all of the information needed to properly size a flexible screw conveyor.

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Product Options

Inlet Hopper

The inlet feed hoppers for our FlexMAX® flexib...

The inlet feed hoppers for our FlexMAX® flexible screw conveyors come in three standard sizes. Our inlet feed hoppers include a number of key features that improve flow and reduce bridging in the hopper. The main advantage of our inlet feed hopper design is that it incorporates true 60-degree side walls. This is the ideal angle for flow out of a square hopper. The second major advantage is our rounded FASTFLO Corners. By using a large radius bend in the corner of our inlet feed hoppers, we reduce the potential for the product to set up in the sharp corners of a traditional hopper.

Inlet HOpper features:

  • 4, 8 and 12 Cubic Foot Hoppers standard
  • True 60 degree sloped sides and rounded corners
  • Large 10" diameter inlet and 3" NPT standard dust port connection
  • Safety grate
  • Quick opening latches for hopper lid
  • Removable bottom cap for easy clean out
  • Optional Pneumatic Feed Hopper Vibrator
  • Optional Electric Feed Hopper Vibrator
  • Optional paddle level sensors
  • Optional pneumatic aeration pads
  • Optional lid safety switch
  • Optional Bag Break lid
  • Optional padd-style agitator assembly

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The heart of our FlexMAX® flexible screw conve...

The heart of our FlexMAX® flexible screw conveyors are the flexible helical augers. The flexible augers are 304 stainless steel and available in four diameters and three profiles. For most applications with free-flowing bulk materials, a standard flat wire can be used and provides the highest conveying rate. The round flexible augers are best for applications with granular materials like plastic pellets and materials with very high densities that tend to pack. Round augers are also the best option for materials that tend to break apart. The beveled edge flat augers are the preferred profile for transferring products that are sticky or smear. No matter what your application, Erie Technical Systems can work with you to provide the best solution. We offer free product testing that provides the empirical performance data needed to select the proper configuration with confidence. We offer stock replacement augers for ETSI flexible screw conveyors as well as aftermarket spares for other manufacturer's units.

Auger features:

  • 304SS Construction
  • 3", 4", 5 and 6" nominal sizes
  • Flat wire profile
  • Round wire profile
  • Beveled edge flat wire profile
  • Stock replacement augers for our conveyors and competitors units
  • Custom lengths available for quick delivery

Please use our convenient Auger & Casing Spec Sheet to get a quote on you spare parts today!

We stock our standard flexible screw conveyor auger as well as many competitors auger sizes.

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The outer casing of the FlexMAX® flexible scre...

The outer casing of the FlexMAX® flexible screw conveyor can be supplied in food grade UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) or 300 series stainless steel. Casings can be supplied in continuous lengths up to forty feet. The flexible screw conveyor casings have nominal diameters from 3" through 6". Stock casing is available for quick delivery. The casings are attached to the flexible screw conveyor using bolt-on couplings.  

Flexible screw conveyor casing features:

  • Flexible casing allows routing around obstacles
  • UHMWPE Flexible Screw Casing in 3", 4", 5" and 6" nominal 
  • 304SS Flexible Screw Casing in 3", 4", 5" and 6"
  • Food grade compatible materials
  • Center core inserts available for auger

Please use our convenient Auger & Casing Spec Sheet to get a quote on you spare parts today!

We stock our standard flexible screw conveyor casing as well as many competitors casing sizes.

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Discharge Heads

The FlexMAX flexible screw conveyor discharge h...

The FlexMAX flexible screw conveyor discharge head assembly is sized for each conveyor application. Support points integral to the fill head provide an easy and secure installation. A heavy duty in-line gear box and motor are used for motors sized up to 7.5HP. For higher torque applications with heavy loading or large screw sizes, a right angle gear box and motor can be supplied with motors up to 15HP. The conveyor discharge head is constructed from 300 series stainless steel and utilizes FDA approved white neoprene gaskets. The outlet of the discharge head is typically 2" larger than the size of the flexible screw casing.  

discharge head features:

  • 45 degree outlet or horizontal outlet standard
  • Easy to install
  • Inline gear motors up to 7.5 HP
  • Right Angle gear motors up to 15 HP
  • Inverter duty motors for variable flow rate
  • Food Grade materials

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Feed Hopper Vibrators

The FlexMAX flexible screw conveyors use feed h...

The FlexMAX flexible screw conveyors use feed hoppers with 60-degree sides and FASTFLO rounded corners to promote the free flow of product. For the most difficult-to-feed bulk materials, Erie Technical Systems offers a rotary electric vibrator option. The rotary electric vibrator attaches to the standard mounting bracket supplied on all of our FlexMAX feed hoppers. The rotary electric vibrators are powered by an electric motor to rotate two sets of weights and provides a high force output to ensure product flow out of the hopper. A pneumatic version of the feed hopper vibrator is also available. Either unit can be automatically controlled by our Flexible Screw Conveyor Controller. 

Features of our feed hopper vibrators:

  • Rotary electric or Pneumatic
  • Compact design with high force output
  • Simple Self-contained units
  • Mounts to existing bracket
  • Low maintenance

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Erie Technical Systems can provide a fixed or v...

Erie Technical Systems can provide a fixed or variable speed control panel for any size FlexMAX flexible screw conveyor. Our standard designs of conveyor controllers provide a compact, and operator friendly interface. Motors up to 15HP can be controlled along with optional features such as pneumatic or electric hopper vibrator control. 

Features of our conveyor controllers:

  • Wall mount NEMA 4/12 Enclosure
  • Nema 4X available
  • Custom Explosion Proof Panels are available
  • Fixed Speed and Variable Speed Versions
  • 208, 230, 380, 460, and 575 VAC
  • Control for standard 2HP, 3HP, 5HP, 7.5HP, 10HP, 15HP motors
  • Local Lockable Disconnect switch
  • Stop, Run Forward and Jog Reverse pushbuttons
  • Emergency Stop Pushbutton
  • Control of hopper vibrators, aeration pads, paddle style agitators, high and low-level sensors

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Replacement Parts

Erie Technical Systems stocks many replacement ...

Erie Technical Systems stocks many replacement parts and accessories for our FlexMAX flexible screw conveyors. We also stock common sizes of other manufacturer's products and can provide aftermarket service and support. We will work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.

Replacement parts and accessories we offer include, but are not limited to: 

  • Stock flexible screw conveyor helical augers
  • Stock UHMWPE and 304SS casing
  • Stock flexible screw conveyor motors & gearboxes
  • Stock Vibration aides

Please use our convenient Auger & Casing Spec Sheet (linked below) to get a quote on you spare parts today!

We stock our standard flexible screw conveyor casing and auger as well as many competitors sizes.

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What is a FlexMAX Flexible Screw Conveyor?
It is a dry solids conveyor that uses a shaftless auger to move material.

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