Two Products in One Bulk Bag Filler??

February 6th, 2019

Recently, a customer wanted to fill bulk bags with two different products – wood flour and wood pellets – using a single ValuMAX™ fill station.  The wood flour was delivered to the bulk bag filler by a screw conveyor, while the wood pellets were delivered with a belt conveyor.  Working with the end user, we developed this ValuMAX™ bulk bag filler with a surge hopper and roller gate for the pellets, and a chute for the flour.  The result was a bulk bag filling system that could quickly fill either product with zero change over time. 

We can design a custom ValuMAX® bulk bag filler system for your application.  Please give us a call at 814-899-2103 or send us an email at


If you are wondering "How much a bulk bag filler would cost", read our article on that subject here.


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