What is a Vibratory Conveyor???

January 16th, 2019

Vibratory conveyors like the Vibratory Conveyors for Bulk Material are used to move a variety of dry bulk materials in a straight line.  They consist of a pan, spring arms, drive system and base frame.  (reference image).  Dry bulk material is introduced at one end of the pan and using the vibration generated by the drive system, is transferred along the length of the pan and out the other end.  Vibratory conveyors can be constructed up to 50 feet long to carry material continuously from one process to another. 

These conveyors can be open top or enclosed and constructed in a trough style or round configuration.  In addition to simply transferring material vibratory conveyors equipped with screens can be used to cool, scalp, or dewater bulk materials.  Erie Technical Systems supplies conveyors powered with the Ajax Shaker Drive System .



You can read more about the Ajax Shaker Drive in our article: “What is an Ajax Shaker?”

To discuss your vibratory conveyor application, please contact us at 814-899-2103 or info@bulkfilling.com

Bulk Vibratory Screener ConveyorVibratory Conveyor for Bulk Material

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