UltiMAX™ Bulk Bag Unloader

Manual and automatic bulk bag unloaders:

Erie Technical Systems UltiMAX™ Bulk Bag Unloaders are designed to manually or automatically unload bulk bags. Our versatile bulk bag handling systems, also known as Bulk Bag Dischargers, are specialized to ensure safety and efficiency in your material handling operations. Each unloader is equipped with a robust lifting frame, compatible with a forklift or an optional hoist and trolley system, making the handling of heavy bulk bags effortless and secure.

Once the bulk bag unloader is positioned, operators can easily access and untie the bottom bag spout within a dust-controlled environment, thanks to our dust-tight bag untie box. The flow of materials from the bulk bags can be managed either manually or through automated controls, ensuring a consistent and controlled discharge of contents.

Pairing the UltiMAX™ bulk bag unloader with our FlexMAX® flexible screw conveyor system or the ValuMAX® system enhances the efficiency of the bulk material transfer process. Additionally, our vibratory feeder options can be integrated to customize the system to meet the specific requirements of various bulk unloading applications.



  • Robust Construction: Crafted from heavy-duty thick wall structural tubing, our unloaders are built for durability.
  • High Load Capacity: The heavy-duty support frames can safely support bulk bags weighing up to 5,000 pounds (2268 kg).
  • Modular Design: Our systems feature modular frame sections, enabling easy field additions of hoists and discharge conveyors.
  • Flexible Operation: Choose between automatic or manual operation modes to suit your workflow.
  • Dust-Tight Efficiency: The dust-tight bag untie box ensures a clean and safe work environment.

For detailed consultation and customization options, reach out to the experts at Erie Technical Systems at 814-899-2103 or click below to chat with us directly. We also offer a comprehensive Bulk Bag Unloader Application Data Sheet, outlining all the necessary information to help you select the ideal equipment for your bulk bag discharging needs.

Call the experts at Erie Technical Systems today to discuss your application at 814-899-2103 or click below to complete our quick contact and we will be in touch shortly. Also available for download is our Bulk Bag Unloader Application Data Sheet which outlines all the information needed to properly choose the equipment suited for your needs.


Product Options

Flexible Auger Screw Conveyors

Flexible Auger Screw Conveyor option, for our ...

Flexible Auger Screw Conveyor option, for our Manual and Automatic Bulk Bag Unloading Equipment, will be used to transport the product from the bulk bag unloader to your process.


  • Different tube diameters based on flow rates
  • UHMW tubes
  • Mild or SS augers
  • Three different auger profiles available
  • Inlet hopper sized based on surge needs
  • Internal cross auger available in the hopper for hard to feed materials
  • Dust-tight lid with flexible boot connection
  • Mild Steel or SS hoppers
  • Lengths up to 30 feet
  • Simple installation

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Bag Spout Pinch Ring Option

The Bag Spout Pinch Ring option, for our Manual...

The Bag Spout Pinch Ring option, for our Manual and Automatic Bulk Bag Unloading Equipment, incorporates a pinch ring assembly which is pneumatically operated. Once the operator has placed the bag into position the bulk bag outlet spout is stretched over the product flow tube and they can actuate the pinch ring. The ring is driven down and pinches the bag spout between the ring and the top of the product flow tube.


  • Pneumatic operation
  • Soft durometer rubber seal to prevent bag damage
  • Simple design

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Bag V-Form Close Off Valve Option

The V-form valve option on the UltiMAX bulk bag...

The V-form valve option on the UltiMAX bulk bag unloaders provides a means to seal the bag off and re-tie or to simply stop the flow of material to the process. The valve is actuated with two pneumatic cylinders that move the v-shaped rounded bars toward each other. This pinches bag outlet spout tightly and stops flow out of the bulk bag. The v-shaped bars are made from solid stainless steel. The standard valve is operated by a manual 3-position pneumatic toggle lever valve.  The valve is also available in an electrically controlled version for use in automated systems.  


  • Allows for closure and retying of a partially empty bulk bag outlet spout.  
  • Rounded to prevent damage to bulk bag outlet spout
  • Can close off most materials with or without product flow.
  • Dual 3" diameter pneumatic cylinders
  • Manual or electric actuation
  • Reduces operator exposure to dust or hazzardous materials when used with our Untie Box Option or our Pinch Ring Option.  

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Flexor Paddle Option

Paddle flexors are a useful option for our Manu...

Paddle flexors are a useful option for our Manual and Automatic Bulk Bag Unloading Equipment if the bulk material being unloaded tends to set up during shipment. This option provides a means to condition the bag to enhance the flow out of the bag into the process. The two ribbed flexing paddles can move from a flat position to a combined angle of 85 degrees (nearly vertical). It is designed with bag conditioning ribs which engage the bag and breaks up lumps or agglomerations of material in the bulk bag.


  • Pneumatically operated
  • Heavy duty construction with varying profiles
  • Powerful pneumatic cylinders

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Bag Untie Box

The Bag Untie Box when added, allows for the op...

The Bag Untie Box when added, allows for the operator to handle the bag spout in an enclosed area to reduce dust generation when preparing the bulk bag for the unloading process. The Untie box includes a hinged, sealed door that is closed during discharge to capture any additional dust produced while emptying the bulk bag.


  • Dust Tight door seal
  • Lockable latch on door
  • Tapered inside to ensure product flow out of box
  • Heavy Gauge steel construction
  • Carbon steel construction

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Electric Hoist and Trolley

The hoist and trolley are included as a means t...

The hoist and trolley are included as a means to lift the bulk bag into position from the floor without the use of a forklift.  The capacities vary based on the application and the units come with a manual or electrically controlled trolley.


  • 1 Ton single speed electric hoist
  • 230/460 volt input power
  • Control pendant
  • 15' vertical lift
  • Electric trolley
  • Hoist used bulk bag lifting frame
  • Carbon Steel Construction

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De-Weigh Scale

The de-weigh option allows the operator to moni...

The de-weigh option allows the operator to monitor the amount of product being dispensed.    


  • (4) individual load cells connected to a summing box
  • 5,000 LB capacity
  • +/-.1% accuracy
  • Repeatability of +/-5 lbs.
  • Rice Lake Scale
  • NEMA 4 Control panel

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